Saturday, April 24, 2010

Here is a listing of all we have to offer at Jumbo Seafood for the weekend 04/23/10 - 04/25/10. ALL of our seafood isFRESH,WILD-CAUGHT, and NOT IMPORTED:


  1. 10-15 ct. Tails (North Carolina)
  2. 16-20 ct. Tails (North Carolina)
  3. 26-30 ct. Tails (North Carolina)
  • The numbers before the shrimp indicate the average number of shrimp that come in one pound. For instance, in the 16-20 ct. ("count") shrimp, there are 16 - 20 shrimp in a single pound.
  • The locations of where the shrimp were caught are listed in parentheses...
  1. Salmon (Norway)
  2. Cod (Mass.)
  • We HAD tuna, swordfish, and red snapper on Friday, but we're currently sold out! Sorry!
  • All of our fish is fresh, never frozen.
  1. 10-20 ct. non-processed Sea Scallops (Massachusetts)
  • "non-processed" simply means that our scallops (unlike most scallops found in the grocery stores) have never been soaked in any preservatives or chemicals such as sodium sulfites or triglycerides.
  1. Jumbo Lump Crabmeat (Alabama)
  2. Lump Crabmeat (Alabama)
  • All of our crabmeat is fresh, non-pasteurized, hand-picked, blue crab.
  • All of our crabmeat is from Alabama. We do not sell imported crabmeat.
  1. Oysters in the pint jar from North Carolina

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