Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Perks of Being a Fish Monger

Aside from being able to eat fresh, delicious seafood each weekend, there are more than a few perks to working at Jumbo Seafood. I especially enjoy getting to chat with our regular customers. This weekend, Tony, a loyal and lovable customer, shared with us something that absolutely made me squee! (Yes, "squee"...not "squeal." I define a "squee" as the noise one makes when encountering something too adorable for words. You'll understand when you peek at the pictures!) 

Tony had recently lost his dog of fifteen years, so he decided to visit a few of the local animal shelters to find himself a furry new friend, and boy, did he ever. Behold! 

Isn't he just presh? I'm obsessed with puppies, so this made my day. This baby boy came from the Berkeley County Animal Shelter (I think) and he's a "West Virginia terrier." 

Betcha can't guess this cutie's name! Here are a few hints: "Wheel of Fortune!" and "casino" and "bingo." Leave your guess in the comments! First person to guess correctly will get a special treat courtesy of Jumbo Seafood! 

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