Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away...(a little update)

Well, we've had a bit of a washout here at Jumbo Seafood this weekend!

 Yesterday (Friday) we packed up early (and not a moment too soon!) before the big storm hit. Sorry if you missed us! We usually stay open until around 7pm each evening (except for Sundays), but we had heard rumors of 60 mph winds and golf ball sized hail - needless to say, we got the heck outta dodge! 
Today (Saturday) was better, though we weren't anticipating a full day of fairly steady rain. Despite the less-than-stellar weather, sales were successful! Here's an update on our inventory: 

  • THE ONLY FISH THAT WILL BE AVAILABLE TOMORROW IS SALMON, AND THERE'S ONLY A LITTLE BIT LEFT! If you're reading this and you'd like some salmon for tomorrow, it's best that you CALL (304-728-0930) or get to the stand as close to 10am as possible! 
  • D'oh! I forgot to mention that we DO have SELECT OYSTERS (North Carolina) in the pint jar this weekend!
  • We're RUNNING LOW on Jumbo Lump Crabmeat, but we still have a decent stock of Lump Crabmeat available! 
  • We also have a decent stock of scallops and soft-shells -  and an abundance of shrimp!
  • Amish Heirloom tomatoes are here! If you've never tried this type of tomato, you really should! It has very low acid and a thin skin, making it perfect to slice and eat on the spot, and they're especially good when marinated or served with fresh mozzarella and basil (Caprese salad is one of my most favorite things, if you couldn't tell!) 
Anywho, I hope this update helps you decide what you're going to fix for Sunday dinner! : ) 

PS - Did anyone else see the beautiful rainbow yesterday? Here are a couple pictures I took. Sorry for the poor quality - they were snapped with the camera on my phone! 

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